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EAGT - European Association for Gestalt Therapy

Annual General Meeting
Krakow, september 30th, 2006

• Minutes of last AGM SurreySeptember 2005
• Matters arising
• Reports of Officers:
- President
- Chair of Extended Board
- External Relations Officer
- Vice President & Chair of
Training Standards
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Chair of Ethics

Reports from Special Committees:
- Organizations
- Education and Children
- Social Responsibility
• Change in statutes under
Associate Members:
to enable Gestalt therapists
who have retired from practice,
but wish to remain a
part of the Gestalt community
in Europe, to be Associate

News and views from different
nations: members from
all nations to share what is
happening in the profession
of psychotherapy in their
• EAGT Conference in Athens 2007




EAGT - European Association for Gestalt Therapy

9th European Conference of Gestalt Therapy
Exploring Human Conflict
6-9 september 2007
Athens Greece
Conference center - Divani Caravel Hotel

All started with a conflict…
Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, and the sea god, Poseidon, were competing for possession of one of the cities of ancient Greece. The other gods decreed that the city should be awarded to the one who bestowed upon its inhabitants the most useful gift. In response, Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and brought forth a miraculous saltwater spring. Athena, putting her faith in a more practical offering, planted an olive tree beside the spring. The people found the olive a better gift, and the city was named for its winner: Athens. 

We are honored to host in Athens the 9th European Conference of Gestalt Therapy from 6 – 9 of September 2007: "Exploring Human Conflict". Conference Center: Divani Caravel Hotel.

Since 2004 the conference became an important and vital part of our institute and our lives. Slowly, with the arrangements of time and place, a form of where, when and what started to emerge. Now we are ready to give you the lead!

In this website you will find all the important information concerning the program of the conference, registration, accommodation, pre-post conference tours and your stay in Athens.Also you will find the online registration and/or accommodation forms, as well as the abstract submission form if you are interested in sending your proposals. Please note that early registration stands for reduced registration fees.

We invite you to explore "together", as Socrates said, how "from doubt to doubt, from objection to objection one can arrive at the definition of meaning, of an idea", in different fields: psychotherapy, social and human rights, education, organizational and research.



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