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"Fra cervello e gruppo. Neuroni specchio, identificazione e intersoggettività"
Palazzo delle Stelline C.so Magenta 61 - Milano
Milano, 21 ottobre 2006
Interviene il Prof. Vittorio Gallese,  Università di Parma:
La Consonanza Intenzionale: dai neuroni specchio all'intersoggettività

e.mail: istituto.milano@tin.it

"Humour and other strategies to survive emotional crisis"
15 th Congress of the European Association for Psychotherapy
3° Congresso Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni di Psicoterapia

Florence,Palazzo dei Congressi 14-17 June 2007

President of the Congress Prof. Rodolfo de Bernart
Organizing Secretariat
Via della Mattonaia, 17 - 50121 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 (0)55 2462271 Fax : +39 (0)55 2462223

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"Days of shaking: psycotherapy in a time of change"
European Association for Psycotherapy
Cambridge, luglio 2006
The topics covered will include the shaking effects of new methods and research in psychotherapy – must we change? Political decisions in Europe – what effects on our profession? Wars and disasters – how can we help?
Visitors to these meetings are very welcomed and asked to register with the EAP headoffice (e-mail: eap.headoffice@europsyche.org).

"Dreaming the Future: Expanding Our Consciousness through Gestalt Therapy"
Vancouver, 9-13 agosto 2006
Erving Polster will deliver the keynote address, "A Next Giant Step for Psychotherapy." Other featured presenters include Gary Yontef, Frank Staemmler, Judith Brown, Ann Teachworth, Philip Lichtenberg, Carl Hodges, Richard Erskine, Stella Resnick, Ansel Woldt, Bud Feder, Marilyn Miles, and Sylvia Fleming Crocker. There will be Conversation Hours with Judith Brown, Richard Kitzler, Anne MacClean, and Erv Polster. Many of your other colleagues and friends will also be presenters. Talks, demonstrations, and workshops will address "relational Gestalt Therapy," classical work according to Fritz Perls' model, varied approaches to Gestalt groupwork, spiritual and transpersonal perspectives, dreamwork, women's issues, relations between parent and child, expressive and creative arts in Gestalt work, and social and political implications and applications of a Gestalt approach. There will be a rich mixture of practical and theoretical offerings. Other workshops will examine working with such specific populations as children, families, couples, sexual abuse victims, sexual abusers, and detainees. Participants' own dilemmas and life-journeys are addressed in such presentations as "Charting Your Midlife Voyage," "The Royal Road to Enlivened Aging," and "Mending Clients, Mending Self." Unusual presentations include "The Communicube A New Way of Working" and "Recounting Fritz' Final Dream--A Gestalt Kibbutz at Lake Cowichan."
Four facilitated process groups distributed throughout the conference will allow every attendee to share thoughts, feelings and questions with a small group of co-participants. "Community meetings" let you participate in envisioning future directions for Gestalt Therapy. In this exciting event that occurs only every two years, meet colleagues from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Sweden, the UK, Russian, India, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, and elsewhere.
Pre-conference workshops on August 7-9, Aug. 8, and Aug. 9 (at extra cost) offer a chance to experience particular topics and presenters in depth. The conference itself begins at 8 PM on August 9 and ends at 12:30 midday on August 13. Continuing Education Unit credit for meeting professional licensing requirements will be available. A harbor cruise (extra cost) and a dinner-dance with live music will contribute to a festive atmosphere. You may register online or by mail. The complete schedule, as well as registration and accommodations information, are online at
http://www.aagt.org Or just ask your search engine to find AAGT. We hope to see you there! (ps. Since there will probably be no News & Notes in July, save this information if you're interested.) 

International Congress of Asian federation
European Association for Psycotherapy
Tokyo, 28 agosto-1 settembre 2006
For further information please go to www.worldpsyche.org or www.theconvention.co.jp/06icptj

African Congress of Psycotherapy 
European Association for Psycotherapy
Marakesh, 23-26 novembre 2006

For further information please go to www.worldpsyche.org


Exploring Human Conflict
9th European Conference for Gestalt Therapy
EAGT - European Association Gestalt Therapy
Athens, 6-9 settembre 2007
Conference center - Divani Caravel Hotel

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